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Benita Hammonds
Administration Manager


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135 S. Wilson Avenue
Morehead, KY 40351
*Including Night Deposit Box*

Payment by Electronic Bank Draft

        This convenient payment option insures the customer will always pay the net amount due without the hassle of writing checks or mailing payments.

Budget Billing

        Budget Customers may sign up for Budget the end of June through the middle of July. (The time frame for each year will be published in the Morehead News).
        Budget Customers must have gas service and at least one year of billing history to sign up for Budget Billing. Customers will be required to sign a "Statement of Agreement" to start Budget Billing. Budget Billing will automatically continue unless the customer calls to cancel it.
        Budget Customers will abide by all MUPB "Billing Procedures", which includes Penalty on the current monthly billed amount if the budget amount is not paid by the 15th of each month. The budget credit/debit will not be considered toward penalty.
        Budget Customers must pay the exact amount of their Budget Bill. If they request to lower or raise their budget amount they will be required to sign a waiver in order to have the budget amount changed before the difference in payment is rendered.

Billing Procedure

        The rates and charges shall be billed monthly in the case of metered users, and no less frequently than quarterly in the case of special users, and the water bill and sewer bill and gas bill shall be rendered at the same time and on the same bill forms, but as separate charges, and all bills for the service shall be due and payable when rendered. If not paid by the fifteenth (15th) of the month following the date rendered, the bill shall be delinquent, and a delay penalty equal to ten percent (10%) of the face amount of the bill shall become due and payable. If the delinquent date should fall on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, then the face amount of the bill may be paid at the next business day, which is not a holiday. If the entire bill is not paid before the fifth (5th) of the month following the due date (approximately thirty-five (35) days from the mailing of the bills) then pursuant to authority of KRS 96.934, the water service connection to the premises shall be disconnected, (locked off). If any delinquent customer shall, thereafter, desire reconnection, the customer shall be required to pay the delinquent bill, the penalty, and the charge for reconnection. If the customer's account is still delinquent at 8:00 A.M. on the day of disconnections, the disconnection charge ($32.00) will be assessed even if the services have not been disconnected. If the utility services are reconnected by the customer, a charge of $35.00 will be placed on the customer's account to cover the expense of an additional trip and to replace a broken lock. Whether or not any premises are disconnected because of delinquency, the City Attorney or any attorney duly authorized to act for and by the city, is authorized and directed to enforce and collect the amount of any bills remaining delinquent for thirty (30) days after the penalty is added (including the penalty, six percent (6%) interest from the date the penalty is added, and court costs) by suit in any court of competent jurisdiction.

The Following Personnel Staff the MUPB Main Office:

Holly McGrath-Rosas General Manager
Larry Tackett Operations Manager
Benita Hammonds Administration Manager
Kevin Mayhorn Financial Coordinator
Amy Bowman Customer Service II
Melissa Thompson Customer Service I
Kathy Whitt Customer Service I

Additional Information

Normal Hours of Operation Monday-Friday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Phone (606) 784-5538
Fax (606) 783-1340
E-mail General Manager
Operations Manager
Accounts Receivable/Payable
Mailing Address Morehead Utility Plant Board
135 South Wilson Avenue
Morehead, KY 40351