Dennis Skaggs - Wastewater Treatment Plant Supervisor

Dennis Skaggs
Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent


Wastewater Treatment Plant

        The MUPB Wastewater Plant, located at 175 Bullfork Road, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The wastewater plant is an activated sludge process, and has a design flow of 5.0 mgd with a peak capacity of 10 mgd. It treats an average of 3.5 mgd of domestic and industrial wastewater before discharging into the Licking River.

        Primary treatment of the wastewater consists of solids removal by screening and settling. The sludge is then removed using a BFP filter press system and disposed on the MUPB Land Farm.

        Secondary treatment involves two fine bubble diffused aeration tanks that biologically reduce organic nutrients and ammonia. Two 105 ft. secondary clarifiers settle of any remaining solids. Tertiary treatment involves disinfection using Trogan 4000 UV System.

        MUPB Pretreatment Program is administered from the plant. There are (6) six significant Industrial users permitted to discharge to the wastewater plant. These industries are required to monitor their discharge for pollutants and meet specific regulations and limitations as set forth by KY Division of Water.

        The Wastewater Treatment Plant consistently meets its NPDES permit requirements.

Jr. Fraley in the Lab

Wastewater plant lab tech Jr. Fraley checking samples in the lab

The Following Personnel staff the MUPB Wastewater Plant:

Dennis Skaggs Wastewater Plant Superintendent/Class III Plant Operator
Pat Crum Class IV Plant Operator/Class I Lab Analyst/Land Farm Operator/Pretreatment Coordinator
Tim Sargent Class I Plant Operator/Maintenance Coordinator
Darrell Crawford Class II Plant Operator/Lift Station Maintenance/Pesticide Certified
Ricky Thomas Class III Plant Operator/Land Farm Operator/Lift Station Maintenance/Pesticide Certified
Robert Keller Lift Station Maintenance
Aaron Riley Class III Plant Operator/Land Farm Operator
John Arnold Class I Plant Operator
Brian Burton Class III Plant Operator
Jesse Jennings Class I Plant Operator
Dean Johnson Class I Plant Operator
Josh DeHaven Plant Operator Traineer
Tanner Utterback Plant Operator Trainee/Lab Trainee

Additional Information

Normal Hours of Operation Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Phone (606) 783-1502
Fax (606) 784-4711
E-mail WWTP
Mailing Address Morehead Wastewater Treatment Plant
175 Bullfork Rd
Morehead, KY 40351
WWTP Plant Schematic

Wastewater Treatment Plant Schematic