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How To Read Your Residential Water Meter

Water Meter

        Notice that your residential Water Meter has only one dial. The dial has a sweep hand that measures water usage in gallons. One Complete revolution equals ten gallons of water used. The odometer type register in the middle of the dial reports the hundreds of Gallons used.

        To read the meter you record the numbers from the odometer type register. Since the odometer registers in hundreds of gallons you do not record the last two numbers. (The last number is a permanent number and the next dial registers tenths.) The remaining dials register the actual (in Hundreds) water used.

        Subtract the previous reading from the new reading and you will know how many hundreds of gallons of water you have used.

The Following Personnel Staff the MUPB Maintenance Department:

Kenny Cornett Maintenance Dept. Superintendent Class III
Jeremy Lewis Utility Project Coordinator
Frank Harper Maintenance Worker Class III/Crew Leader
Dennis Hargett Maintenance Worker Class III/Crew Leader/Meter Reader
Jeremy Cooley Maintenance Worker Class II/Crew Leader/Meter Reader
Mark Lewis Equipment Operator
Steve Sanders Maintenance Worker Class III/Serviceman/Head Meter Reader
Derek Stafford Maintenance Worker Class III/Meter Reader
Perry Lewis Maintenance Worker I/Meter Reader
Jason Egan Maintenance Worker I/Meter Reader
Matt Lewis Maintenance Worker I/Meter Reader
Joe Stevens Maintenance Worker Trainee/Meter Reader
Bill Tackett Maintenance Worker Trainee/Meter Reader
Billy Wheeler Purchasing Agent
Jim Neill Senior GIS/IT Specialist
Ben Howard Maintenance Worker Class II (Part Time)

Additional Information

Normal Hours of Operation Monday-Friday 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Fax (606) 783-9933
Purchasing Agent
Tech Support/Mapping
Mailing Address MUPB Maintenance Department
25 Pleasant Valley Road
Morehead, KY 40351